The UK’s publishing industry is set to release its first kpop-themed YA book.
On September 25th, it was announced that the UK publishing company, Chicken House, bought the rights to the Kpop YA novel, in a joint deal with Scholastic US.
K-pop Rookie will be written by journalist Stephan Lee. It will follow a Korean-American teen who is picked to travel to Seoul in the hopes of becoming a kpop star.
The synopsis reads as follows:
“Under the strict supervision of her instructors, Candace must hone her performance skills to within an inch of her life, all while fluently speaking Korean and keeping the other group members on her side. There’s only one problem: she’s really not cut out for it. She never did get the hang of Korean, she definitely can’t dance, and the girls seem to hate her. The only saving grace is fellow Korean-American trainee Youngbae, who’s the only one who seems to understand how Candace feels – and he’s kind of cute, too.”
K-pop Rookie is aimed for release in autumn 2020.

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