She is the Ssenunni who “got it from her mama” and now she has fans feeling like Gucci with her new single; “Who Dat B?”. It is, of course, Jessi who is back under the new label, P Nation.

The multi-talented solo artist is known for her no-nonsense attitude both on stage and in life. In many occasions, she has not been shy to be herself or say what she wants which has been remembered through the years. She originally rose to popularity with the group, Lucky J and released multiple singles before launching into the small screen in the first season of Unpretty Rapstar. Ever since she stated the infamous words; “We are not a team. This is competition.”, she won the hearts of many and finished in second place.

Since then, she has grown as an artist with her own solo accolades and collaborations with artists; some notable tracks being JYP’s “Who’s Your Mama?” and Flowsik’s “Wet”. However, in recent months, Jessi is taking a step in a new direction by joining Psy’s new label, P Nation which also features the CUBE “power couple” of Hyuna & E-Dawn. With the release of “Who Dat B”, Jessi is now the second artist to showcase her new content under this label and she had good back-up for this track. The song’s production was in the safe hands of duo, Brian Lee and Jessie Lauren Foutz who are known to have worked with DJ Snake, Camila Cabello and Post Malone to name a few. Overall, Jessi is certainly not holding back with her solo activities as she has embraced her Ssenunni persona once again to wow fans and prove the critics wrong.

What do you think of Jessi’s explosive return? Let us know through social media and check out “Who Dat B?” which is now available to buy and stream on all available platforms.


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