It has been a fairly quiet Summer for music when it comes to Kpop. Although you couldn’t exactly call it a dry spell, it feels like there has been a real lack of releases that really stick with the listener. From generic seasonal singles right the way through to the typical rookie debuts, the Summer months just haven’t felt inspired.

But, fortunately for all of us, the end of August brought with it plenty of hidden gems. The best of which: Crush’s single, and first on P Nation, “NAPPA”. The vibrant, Bossa Nova-meets typical Crush stylings track is full of invigorating free-form vocal delivery and sleek, layered instrumentation. Complete with a catchy chorus that seamlessly weaves itself around tightly produced verses, it’s a tangibly relaxing offering, and one that holds with it a lot of weight and gravitas.

Stylistically, it definitely lends itself more towards an improvisational jazz type of song, with the melodies slightly bleeding at the edges and the vocals slipping between natural, free-form flow and ballsy falsetto; whilst the rhythm guitar and funky horns are happy to take up residence in the background, staying consistent but restrained.

Lyrically, the track is pretty simple. The woman in the relationship is unhappy with how busy Crush is during their time as a couple, and Crush goes into detail as to why, and what is going on. It has a humorous honesty at times which comes across charming, but overall it’s nothing completely new, nor enthralling.

Overall, “NAPPA” is a brilliant release that chooses a good vibe over tremendous intricacy, and never takes itself too seriously. Although not completely carefree, it’s a mid-tempo, groovy track that will remain accessible for months to come. And with a Summer that has lacked engaging releases, what more can you ask for?


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