A new BBC documentary on Kpop will air tonight.
Titled K-pop Idols: Inside the Hot Factory, the documentary will research how the genre has blown up in the global music industry. It will feature Twins Talk Kpop’s Niki and Sammy and appears to focus on the new supergroup, SuperM.
Music journalist James Ballardie will travel to South Korean to “uncover the secrets” behind Kpop’s global success. On his journey, he will meet Lee Soo Man and those who work behind the scenes of the industry. He will also meet the idols in the new supergroup, SuperM, and find out whether they can match the global success of BTS.
Prior to the documentary’s airing, a Metro article teased a snippet of the journalist’s conversation with the idols. In the article, SuperM and NCT’s Mark described his fears about the project group, which would mark his fourth debut.
“It’s a feeling of excitement but also like nervous, because I am kind of worried about how people would react and how this would come out. It’s all so new for even us but let’s do it.”
You can watch the documentary at 21:30 on BBC Four tonight on Sky channel 116.

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