MONSTA X is back, and their latest mini-album is proving just how global the group have become!
The mini-album, FOLLOW: FIND YOU, topped iTunes charts in 10 countries. This included many European countries, including Russia, Belarus, Slovakia, and Ukraine.
The group also achieved multiple top 10 entries. Greece, Luxembourg, and Turkey peaked at no.2, with Denmark and Finland at no.3.
Other countries the mini-album charted in include:
  • Spain (no.8),
  • Norway (no.11),
  • Belgium (no.12),
  • Sweden (no.14),
  • Germany (no.15),
  • Italy (no.19),
  • the Netherlands (no.23),
  • France (no.26),
  • Lithuania (no.36),
  • Switzerland (no.46),
  • and Estonia (no.92).
In the UK, in particular, MONSTA X appeared to have an amazing day. Despite debuting quite low, the mini-album rose to peak at no.15. This is an amazing achievement for the group, as it is the highest their album has ever charted in the UK!
As well as this, the MV for the group’s title track, Follow, trended at no.25 in the UK! Although it did chart in other European countries, the UK was the highest.
Follow is a fast-paced and highly addictive track that incorporates traditional Korean instruments and a Moombahton base on top of an EDM base. Fans have also dubbed the track as having a Turkish feel to it, due to its traditional sound. Check out the MV below!

Are you following MONSTA X to the top?

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