Novus Festival organisers have announced that the festival is now cancelled.
Due to take place next weekend, the Festival aimed to bring five kpop artists to Dusseldorf for a concert: NCT Dream, Super Junior, CIX, Elris, and RGP Haha and Skull.
However, NET Entertainment released a statement on Twitter earlier today announcing the cancellation. The statement reveals that this was due to “many issues” and they apologised for the short notice.

The organisers also announced that they had applied for insolvency proceedings. This happens when an organisation cannot meet its financial obligations and pay their creditors when debts are due.
Rumours of cancellations circulated after ISS Dome deleted the event on their website. As well as this, CIX, an artist due to perform, had their Frankfurt fan sign cancelled that same day. This seemed suspicious to fans, some of whom had called up the venue and heard news of a cancellation. Now, fans are looking to receive refunds for tickets.
It appears that this year has seen some terrible organisation from event organisers. In July, Beyond Entertainment rearranged MASC concert dates into fan meetings after never booking a venue. The following week, MONSTA X fans awoke to news of some ticket refunds due to a “programming error”.
It’s important that fans know their rights when purchasing tickets. Our advice at UKP is to:
  • Always check ticket website wording and any small print on the page;
  • Check T&Cs in confirmation emails;
  • If you believe your tickets have been mis-sold, look to contact ticket seller customer services
  • If necessary, complaints can be made to ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) and STAR (Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers)
  • Remember that PayPal and credit card payments are often covered.

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