British singer Anne-Marie had a lot of fun at the VLIVE Awards “V Heartbeat”!
On 4th November, Naver confirmed that the singer-songwriter would attend the awards. There, she was honoured with the Favourite Worldwide Artist award, after her hit song 2002 became successful on Korean charts.
Anne-Marie also performed 2002 and Friends, with multiple artists reacting to the performance. Watch the performance on VLIVE
As well as this, the singer-songwriter met rookie group CIX backstage. Anne-Marie had reacted to the group’s debut video earlier this year, with the group expressing their shock in response.
CIX uploaded a photo of the meet up on their official Twitter, with Anne-Marie hoping to see them again soon.

CIX’s BX later responded in Korean, “Anne-Marie noona!! We really enjoyed watching your very cool performance today!! I hope we meet again in the future as well!!!”
Some fans had hoped that Anne-Marie would meet X1’s Lee Eunsang at the awards. The British singer had previously shared her reaction to Eunsang’s cover of 2002 on Twitter. Unfortunately, X1 cancelled their appearance due to “public sentiment” from the ongoing investigation.
Anne-Marie has seen considerable success in Korea in the last year. 2002 became the first pop song to rank first in the digital and download Gaon chart and since then, multiple artists have uploaded their own cover of it.

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