KCCUK are hosting their first-ever Social Media Awards!
The KCCUK Social Media Awards 2019 gives fans the opportunity to share their best K-Culture moment. Fans can submit a photo or video inspired by anything in K-Culture, including:
  • Korean exhibitions;
  • Concerts;
  • Film screenings;
  • Literature;
  • Food;
  • People;
  • Or anything related to Korean culture in the UK.
There a few prizes for those who win:
  • Grand Prize: a £500 gift voucher plus certificate
  • Second Prize: 1 £100 gift voucher plus a certificate (awarded to three runner ups in both photo and video categories).
In order to enter, you must share your photo or video on ONE of these social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube.
On all platforms, make sure to use the hashtags #kccuk and #kccukawards, as well as follow, like, and subscribe to KCCUK (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube). Please make sure to read the terms and conditions before participating.
Make sure to enter before 20th November 2019 for your entry to count!

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