This week has been a tough week for fans with continuous drama but there is no rest for idols as top tracks have continued to be release throughout the last seven days. Here is just a few hits that have been on repeat as we say goodbye to October.

Monsta X has been through tough times but are continuing strong with their comeback, “Follow”.

Brown Eyed Girls are back and treating fans with two title tracks; “Abandoned” and “Wonder Woman”.

Taeyeon brings the “Spark” with her latest solo release.

The Mad Squad are back as A.C.E drops a “Savage” comeback.

NCT’s Chinese sub-unit, WayV take over the Moon and fans’ hearts.

Produce 48 alumni, AleXa (Alex Christine) drops the “Bomb” with her first Korean single.

We In The Zone pours a fresh cup of “Loveade” for their first comeback.

Check out the full list of releases below:

28th October Brown Eyed Girls “Wonder Woman” & “Abandoned” RE_vive
Monsta X “Follow” FOLLOW: Find You
Taeyeon “Spark” Purpose
Horim & Jinbo “Groove” Groove
EK “Wolf” W.O.L.F
Young West “Garçons Love” Garçons Love
J.Yung “Close To You” Close To You
Slyme Young “Aim High, Stay High” SUCCESS, LOVE & RHYMES
du7 Crew “Bori” The du7 Vol.1
Soonbum “Our” Our
29th October Jung Chaerin “Traveler” Traveler
BDC “Remember Me” Boys Da Capo
Hoody “Adios” Departure
San “Free Falling” Free Falling
WayV “Take Over The Moon” Moonwalk
Juniel “The Star” “Catch The Ghost” OST
Yesung “Branded In My Heart” “Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency” OST
Minseo “Sick” “The Tale of Nokdu” OST
The Man BLK “My Gravity” “Whatever Your Heart Says” OST
Holmsted “Sillim” & “Survive” From Seoul
Yellopumpy “Run It (Dream)” Run It (Dream)
Dept & Austin “Drama” Drama
ONiLL “Home” The Illian
AVIN & James Reid “RISKY (Sik-K Remix” RISKY (Sik-K Remix)
30th October Eric Nam “Love Die Young” Love Die Young
Hyuk “A Long Night” A Long Night
Joonil Jung “I Know But” & “Girls” LOVE YOU I DO
Kriesha Chu “I want to see you again” I want to see you again
OnlyOneOf “sage” line sun goddess
We In The Zone “LOVEADE” weeee!
Yubin “Silent Movie” Start Of The End
Kim Hyun Woo X Sunwoo JungA X Song Yuvin X Suran X Park Kyung “Goin’ Crazy” “Melody Book Shop” OST
Drako “Comfort” “The Running Mates: Human Rights” OST
jeebanoff “Me and You” GOOD THING.
San “Free Falling” Free Falling
oceanfromtheblue “i am” i am
YooONE “Love Is” Love is
Jade “Wallflower” Wallflower
31st October Crush X Pink Sweat$ “I Wanna Be Yours” I Wanna Be Yours
Huh Gak X Jeong Eunji “Let You Go” Let You Go
Yurisa “Frozen Tears” “Exos Heroes” OST
Cha So Yeon “Ventilation” “LIKE” OST
Jisoo (Lovelyz) X Shin Jun Seop (MYTEEN) “Dazzling Stars and Your Warmth” “One Fine Week” OST
Junggigo “My All” “Secret Boutique” OST
Park Yo Na “Beautiful Answer” “The Running Mates: Human Rights” OST
PUNCH “Like a Heroine in the Movie” “When the Camellia Blooms” OST
Hodoo “Hide-and-Seek” Childhood
Dino.T “Curse” Curse
Leenzy “It’s Alright” It’s Alright
Samuel Seo “Playaplayaplaya” The Misfit
Z-SANG “Lie For Me” Lie For Me
LOS LOKOS “Los Locos” Los Locos
1st November IU “Love poem” Love poem
Jay Park & Jessi “Drip” Drip
BTS & Lauv “Make It Right” Make It Right
Freaky “True” & “GWAP” freak club
LUTTO “Life Sucks” Vagabondage
y1ee & LYPLA “Umbrella” 세 곡
2nd November Lee Jeongmin “Why?” Why?
Icey Blouie “Get Money” Get Money
Lee Youngji “Dark Room” Dark Room
2nd November HINAPIA “Drip” New Start
Nam Woohyun “When Fall Comes” When Fall Comes
DJ Tiz & Colslaugh “Dark Brand” Dark Brand
Kriz & KINO (Pentagon) “Hard to love” Hard to love

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