This week we’ve seen big comebacks from SF9, Ateez and VERIVERY! Check out the extensive list of releases below!

Ateez released ‘Answer’

B.O.Y released ‘My Angel’

SF9 released ‘Good Guy’

VERIVERY released ‘Lay Back’

Baekhyun of EXO released ‘My Love’ for the OST of Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim Season 2

VOISPER released ‘Keep Going’

05/01/20 Zelo (ex-B.A.P), Jvde (ex-BIGSTAR), Lil Oppa Shower Shower Digital Single
Yerim Sohn Problem / Pale Blue Problem Digital Single
Ha Jiwoong I’ll Be Going Chocolate OST Part 9
Kwon Inha 남은 것은 당신 뿐 Unasked Family OST Part 17
Prin Hello, My Love What a Lovely Day (webtoon) OST Part 1
WESH WESH That’s My Mind
Sýn Hjang Shoulder Line
Kumira I think I’m not your best ft Loomboy
J.BASS Dearest
06/01/20 ATEEZ Answer TREASURE EPILOGUE: Action to Answer
Dustin Burn Burn Debut Single Album
Younha Dark Cloud Unstable Mindset
SEOY Lazy Sunday
Kash Bang (Beautiful Noise) I Can’t Let You Know
Dingo X Damoin  달려 Part 4
nafla (MKIT RAIN) Gucci Girl U N U Part 1
Dept Snowy Road ft Chaanill, amin
Molly.D X PDAY Pause ft CHE GOON Appartement
Sinna Sky Be Blue
Band Bower Birds eye view (curtain call)
07/01/20 B.O.Y (B of You) My Angel Phase One: YOU Debut Mini Album
SF9 Good Guy First Collection
Baekhyun (EXO) My Love Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim Season 2 OST Part 1
Remnants of the Fallen Hate and Carrion
Song Siha Refill
Trippy Kev Broccoli
SeeHyo Archive
Jimmychang Money
Charcoal, Steel (We’re We’re) ICY
Vernon D (Surf N Surf) 2manythings ft oooowryjn Cycle
ACACY MMMM ft 8hayate
Dbo Giant Snake Head 3
Cri De Joie Loosen Up EXIT
I NE Melody For You
OHZU Everyday ft GRAM
08/01/20 Oh My Girl Eternally Eternally – Japanese full-length album
DreamNote Wish Dream Wish
Rituality A Season of Disconnection
KDNA Hug You
PLANET BLACK New Year Plan ft Shupie
Deokhossi Because ugly
사우스카니발 Wishes
Geunsol Jung – vocal by Kim Kwang Yong How to not Miss you 
09/01/20 Amber Liu Stay Calm Stay Calm digital Single
VOISPER Keep Going Keep Going – Digital Single
Yoon Sangmi 어리광 어리광 Digital Single
Ong Seoungwu We Belong We Belong digital single
pH-1 X Baek Yerin Nerdy Love Nerdy Love digital single
415 Only for You Wish Woosh, Season 2 (web drama) OST Part 2
Yuna (AOA) My Diamond Woman of 9.9 Billion OST Part 6
SUZANNE Can’t Hang
Orange Fang Fang Boys Fire Noodles
The Black Underground In This Life
Subok Can You Save Me?
SOOL J Infinity
Nathania Lost Treasure ft NASON
oceanfromtheblue 너를 Khaki
NCB Dancing Fail
10/01/20 ANS Say My Name Say My Name Digital Single
d.ear X Jehwi Love Me Again Love Me Again digital single
Various Artists Psychopathy Diary Full OST
Oliver 찬바람이 스쳐가며 Stove League OST Part 3
East Frog Jazz Cafe Delusion
Bassagong 다와가 Giraffe
MaseWonder I Don’t Care [NOT] 4me, 4you, 4us
Yella Ocean X Quxan Midnight Night Atomizer
Kim Oki Story ft Samuel Seo For My Angel
0NN1 December
Chun Yongsung A Student ft Lim Ju Yeon
11/01/20 Mark Tuan (GOT7) Outta My Head Outta My Head digital single
DKSOUL Love Memory Gracious Revenge OST Part 3
Jin Won 한걸음 또 한걸음 Love is Beautiful, Life is Wonderful OST Part 8
Roomy 그대라서 Never Twice OST Part 4
ramyeonboy The Great Jiri Mountain The Ramyeonator Web Series OST Part 1
Sibiwol Sick Love Selection: The War Between Women OST Part 5
Shin Youna / Kim Soim Make Up Your Mind / For You Touch OST Part 1
Daji Before Sunrise
Lym en X Whoosh Good Enough
Woody Nothing’s gonn be changed
Youngkit Everyday Influence
Shadow Community Restless Song
SUDI Cinema ft LAYN, iMos / LP Bar ft Hauzee, Holmsted



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