SF9’s Rowoon has landed in London for London Fashion Week!
According to Korean news outlets, the Rowoon will attend the Tommy Hilfiger show tomorrow at Tate Modern.
Fans have also noted thatSF9 singer and actor had just returned to South Korea alongside SF9 member Inseong from New York hours before his flight to London.
Check out clips of Rowoon at Incheon and London below.
The Tommy Hilfiger show will be held at Tate Modern tomorrow at 20:00 BST. You can watch the show via this live stream.
Rowoon is a member of FNC Entertainment’s SF9. As well as his idol career, the star has made waves with his acting in “School 2017”, “Where Stars Land” and “About Time”, before making his lead-actor debut in “Extraordinary You”.
Are you excited to see Rowoon at London Fashion Week?

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