The time around Lunar New Year is always slow for Kpop releases – but OSTs, Indie and Hip Hop releases are a-plenty, and they’re impressive. Click on a name you don’t know this week and you may find a new artist you love! 

Sechskies released their first Mini Album this week, with the title track ‘All For You’

Super Junior released their ‘Timeless’ repackage with the title track ‘2YA2YAO!’ and a Japanese version of ‘I Think I’

Suho released an OST track for the web Drama ‘How Are U Bread’

Check out the full list of releases below:

26/01/20 Various The Hill of Yearning / The Season of Us Crash Landing On You OST
RAN 결국 이별 Gracsious Revenge OST
Kang Baeksoo Running Man
greenbeige Little SEOUL ft Chamane HALF
ADDNINE I’m Not Good I’m Not Good
Kid Milli BOY BOY
Lil 9ap (formerly Airplaneboy) 9AP ft Jinbo, GGM Pandamontana
27/01/20 Yang Dail Love Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim Season 2 OST
KOHD 행복해야해요 Unasked Family OST
Kana Bathe When I Feel Love
Lee Seol Ah 영혼의 코러스
the Night of Seokyo ft BiNi Diving
JiNN ft Ellie Dixon Take Over
28/01/20 DAVII X Kwon Jinah Teddy Bear Teddy Bear
Sechskies All for You All For You
Super Junior 2YA2YAO! Timeless Repackage
Minseo Love Yourself Black Dog OST
Mamamoo I Miss You Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim Season 2 OST
J. Yung Close to you
Whoo the Spicy Whoo The Spicy
문득굉장히 Mundeukgangjanghe A Loose Knot
KREAM the bad journal
Ted Park Tik Tok
RAUDI Still Want Me ft Keem Hyo-Eun, Skinny Brown Seoul Night Part II
Balming Tiger Kolo Kolo
Jooyoung, Jo Hyun Ah Door ft Beenzino
Cox Billy Kiss And Tell
bluedoesntknow Seoul Without You ft oceanfromtheblue
29/01/20 Super Junior I Think I I Think U Japanese mini
Lee Haeri Just Cry from h
Golden Child Without You Without You
Siyeon (Dreamcatcher) Paradise debut solo digital single
Melo Breeze Rose of Sharon My Country The New Age OST
Grizzly Paris out (memories)
Blackleaf Barim
Neuti Be With You
Waizmin ft Ji Woo Yoo Blind
Achii You Far
Chaum ft Shin Mina It Snowed Last Night
Kim nk Teleportation / Drama In
Joosuc Own Life
Loyel Walls
yosi Cigarettes ft Love of my life
SLEEPY CEO ft Deepflow
Errday Jinji January 29th ft The Quiett
Rheehav I Think it’s Love
30/01/20 OnlyOneOf dOra maar Unknown art pop 2.1
Hyukoh through love
Yezi My Gravity
Wilcox Tokyo
Pollen How Could I …
Lee Jihye Puzzle Me
Ji Young Hoon Warm Thing
oceanfromtheblue PAPARAZZI
WANIZ Only You
2danji When I Wake Up, Bake Me Something
Soonbum Already Loved
GIFT With Me
Lil Tachi C.P Company Boombap Mixtape
Junehee Bae Blossom
Owen wasn’t To You
SIM2 Up Down ft BAYLEE, Acy blu, BOiTELLO
Jerry Quest Shanghai
31/01/20 Hyolyn X Crucial Star Hug Me Silently xhyolynx project
Lee Chansol Still Fighting It Itaewon Class OST
Savina & Drones Down Stove League OST
V-Hawk Lake
HunnyHunna AND U
jayvito Comeback
DeepHartt Just a Friend Hurt Luv
DOSHi Is This The End?
Masstige, Jacklovejane We’re Ddirty Lost In Space
dkash Let’s Try
01/02/20 Sejeong (gugudan) All of my Days Crash Landing On You OST
The Daisy 가지마 가지마 가지마 Gracious Revenge OST
Suho (EXO) SEDANSOGU How Are U Bread (Web Drama) OST
Gaho Start Itaewon Class OST
CherryBerry Can’t Turn Selection: The War Between Women OST
Garam (DIP.MX) Whisper Love Yeonnam-dong Family (Web Drama) OST
JUNNY ft pH-1 Aura
Chillin Homie ft EPTEND WASSUP
Paul Blanco Winter
Lokid sowhereareyounow? ft Nathania, O’day O$A Darling



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