We must, unfortunately, announce our partnership with W!ZARD Radio Media has come to an end. Despite only being on air for a month, we have learned a lot, and have decided our attitudes to Kpop and vision for UnitedKpop on the radio did not align.

UnitedKpop has always prided itself in its ability to offer an educated, unbiased, and inclusive take on Kpop and the artists of Korea. Our wish for UnitedKpop on the radio would have been to create a show for all fans of every corner of Korean music, a show that is inclusive and forward-thinking, diverse and all-encompassing. 

We made a poor decision to not secure full creative control of our show and its image – we were slightly naive in our approach to expanding to radio, but have in fact learned a great deal in the twelve months we have been preparing for this project. Therefore, we will be creating further audio content in the near future, expanding the content you already love and return for, and sharing our own love for Korean media in a more personal and relatable way.

Everyone at UnitedKpop hopes you understand our decision, and that you will support us moving forward to bring you bigger and better content that stays true to our mission to give you an honest and informative take on Kpop.


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