Two years after its release, MONSTA X’s “From Zero” has climbed European iTunes charts.
After news of former member Wonho’s drug investigation coming to a close, Monbebe chose to celebrate by buying “From Zero”, with the song rising in the night!
Despite not achieving no.1s in Europe, the song’s highest achievement was in second place in Poland. The song also charted in the top 10 of the following European countries:
  • Slovakia (peaked at no.4)
  • Romania (peaked at no.5)
  • Sweden (peaked at no.5)
  • Norway (peaked at no.7)
  • Portugal (peaked at no.5)
In the UK, the song climbed from the top 400 and entered the top 100, peaking at no.80. Meanwhile, across the globe, “From Zero” gained two no.1s in Brazil and Chile, and also became the group’s highest-charting song in the US at no.32.
As the song is not one of the group’s hard-hitting title tracks, this is an incredible achievement for the group. And it is possibly the group’s first b-side to achieve a UK top 100 entry, let alone a top ten entry.
“From Zero” is one of Wonho’s many compositions for the group. Originally a unit song for him and Hyungwon, it describes a person wanting to start again from a clean slate. It appears that Monbebe chose the song as a way of asking Wonho to begin again as an artist “from zero”.

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