Check out this week’s music releases from South Korea:

15/03/20 to 21/03/20

15/03/20 DONGKIZ LUPIN Digital Single
Yuna (AOA) Healing Big Picture House (web drama) OST
HEN To You Hi Bye, Mama! OST
by me Far Away Love Interference (season 3, reality show) OST
Hwang Garam 고마운 사람에게 Unasked Family OST
Fil Like Nothing
TOO Reason For Being: 인 Prologue Film
PRSNT They don’t know anything
KO A JUNG Pass By You
ANDN Keep You Close
Animal Divers Openwater (Jayden Klight Remix)
Green Avocado Heart Field
Lips Bite Oversleep
Sweet The Kid Muse
Jhnovr HHH ft pH-1
16/03/20 Hong Eunki Breathe Undefinable:LOVE
Kyuhyun (Super Junior) All Day Long I’ll Go to You When the Weather is Nice OST
Richard Parkers The Secret Not Revealed Nobody Knows OST
SURL Ferris Wheel
TSUN Standstill
WONJI 거짓말 하는 법
Cherry Coke feel-low
Wussami =33
Crystal Tea There There
커피소년, 신현희, 이한철, 좋아서하는밴드 外 Super Star – Sing Together
EINSTOWN Common Sense 
Kim HanOul Unfair
Yumin Call My Name ft Cloudybay
BlueWhale Warp WARP
i.No Shawty
SLO LFL ft Meloh
Kidd King Oh, Anne! 
17/03/20 Sejeong (gugudan) Plant Plant
Kim Jongwan (NELL) LOST Nobody Knows OST
Various Artists Nobody Knows The Cursed OST
Yoon Daum S.O.S (Sleep on Shoulder)
Lim Jae Hyun Fancy Clothes
 Park Kang Soo  그리움의 그리움
oceanfromtheblue i am
SURIM How Can I Know? ft HAHN
HEMEKO & CH0_CH0 Delusions Come True ft Hukku Shibaseki
PATiENTS Tuesday Morning
DEPT Down ft Kid Wine, Skinny Borwn
J.cob Like The Moon
KUCCI She’s Gone
18/03/20 Stray Kids SKZ2020 debut Japanese best album
Park Kyung (Block B) 새로고침 (feat. Kang Minkyung (DAVICHI)) 새로고침
Solji (EXID) Walking on This Street Forest OST
SHARKRAMA Transcendent Humanity
Bosudong Cooler We live in the Jurassic Park
Cogason Manual
Jellyboy Soooooom
Cha Gwang-min The Hands That Will Make A Better World
OMVM I Like You A Lots
JUNJUN Tonight
Sangjaru Sangjaru Taryeong Taryeong
H.Lody Sweet Chocolate Romantic Candle
MLI Sahara
Woogosta A Golden Carriage
EK Soldier
Dilla 자식 Puberty
Authenitc Subway S HOUSE
19/03/20 Jessi Digital Lover (Jessi ver.) Digital Lover
Vanilla Acoustic Pretend Pretend
Song Minkyung 제발 Gracious Revenge OST
Exy & Dayoung (WJSN) Oh My Oh My Meow, the Secret Boy OST
Various Artists 큐사인 Stove League OST
The Night of Seokyo Come to Me (Feat. Dawon) The Temperature of Language: Our Nineteen (web drama) OST
CODE KUNST KnoCK ft Yerin Baek
IT’S Clean
POLYP Hide And Seek ft 장영은 of igloo
Ochuu Do Whatever You Want
Kim Dongin Lemon Sugar
Acy Blu Runaway ft Austin
DMND Be Mine ft Horim
ELLES Ups and Downs Exhale: 19 Jamais Vu
yagan camp Blow Bad Emoji
Austn Birth
Tymee Lazy Day Lazy Day
20/03/20 Jackson Wang (GOT7) 100 Ways 100 Ways
 Joy (Red Velvet)  Introduce me to a Good Person Hospital Playlist OST
Shin Jihoon Far Away Hyena OST
Various Artists Start Over Itaewon Class OST
Riaa Spring
Kyun woo To Heaven
Yongdae 할래말래 feat. 우희
The Swimming Pool Drive with you
Loook City
Park Chaoreum Time After Time
SOON Passenger ft Myung Yeon Su
Kim Seungmin MIA Rio Loves Tokyo Part 1
A.TRAIN, BUDUNG Things We Left in the Fire
Mogwaa Hold on ft Xin Seha MOGWAA N JAM
Cherry 😀 Like me? ft Lokid Like ME
21/03/20 Purplebeck VALENTi Starry Night
Ahn Yeseul 마지막으로 한번만 Gracious Revenge OST
Hyojung (Oh My Girl) Today, Just Like Yesterday Hyena OST
Silver-G Hey The Temperature of Language: Our Nineteen (web drama) OST
Peakboy Walk
Yankie Goodnight  Do You Know Hip Hop Ep 3



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