Starship’s new rookie group Cravity have revealed their debut album ‘Hideout: Remember Who We Are’ track list which includes songs from European composers and producers.

The first song on the album ‘Top of the Chain’ was co-composed by Chris Wahle and Didrik Thott. Didrik Thott is a Swedish who has written and arranged Girls’ Generation, SHINee, EXO, TVXQ and Teen Top songs. Fellow Swede Chris Wahle, who has worked for Taemin, Jonghyun, Twice, AOA, and NCT127, also arranged ‘Top of the Chain’.

Willie Weeks from the UK was the writer and producer of MONSTA X’s ‘FOLLOW’ and worked on Cravity’s track ‘Break All The Rule’ along with Italian composer Gionata Caracciolo. Caracciolo has also written for Red Velvet and VAV.

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The fifth track on the album was composed and arranged by Al Swettenham from the UK. Swettenham, who also goes by Geek Boy, has previously worked with THE BOYZ, Taeyeon, EXO-CBX and SF9.

Cravity’s ‘Cloud 9’ was written and composed by Sebastian Thott from Sweden who has also worked with Twice and SNSD.

Cravity released the album’s track list on 31 March and they’re set to debut on 14 April.


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