Nothing seems to be stopping Kang Daniel as he returns from hiatus this week. After legal disputes, relationship news and mental health scares; he took some time at the end of last year to get to a better place and it shows in his new EP, “Cyan”, which was released without any pandemic delays.

The first instalment of his Color trilogy houses the title track, “2U”; an upbeat electro-pop song penned by Chancellor especially for the Produce 101 alumni. It is a relaxed take on electronic music which is what we expect from Chancellor but Daniel’s charming vocals gives the song a “youthful” twist that would perfectly in American and even British pop playlists.

As the first official comeback – and his debut single promotions being cut short, it is a lost more easier on the years. “Touchin'” does carry a funk-inspired synth instrumental whereas “2U” is slightly bare in comparison. However, it feels like this composition was intentional as the song has a laid back “90s boyband” feel that carries over to the music video.

Overall, there is one question in mind. In a world full of techno-fuelled songs and fast choreography, why pick a laid-back song like “2U” as a title track? Upon first listen, it may be a song that is not interesting but its elements team together to sound “happy”.

That may be confusing to say but referring back to the 90s boyband style. When listening to famous pop songs from that era, it makes people sing along and dance without the need of dubstep and catchy lyrics. “2U” takes notes from that formula and embraces its positivity and sense of fun; something that is definitely needed during uncertain times in the world.


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