MONSTA X wishes to collaborate with a range of artists!
In an interview posted by J-14, the members discuss their latest album, “FANTASIA X”. As part of this interview, each member chose artists they would love to collaborate with in the future.
Whilst some members chose artists like Kendrick Lamar, Billie Eilish and G-Eazy, others chose European artists.
Kihyun shared his hopes of collaborating with UK-based artist Etham. The 22-year-old singer-songwriter shot to fame after one of his covers was shared by Shawn Mendes in 2014.
Minhyuk shared his wish to collaborate with Danish singer Christopher. The Monsta X member previously shared a cover of the singer’s “Bad” on the group’s fancafe back in March.
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MONSTA X returned with “FANTASIA X” on 26th May. It is the group’s first Korean release as six members after rumours led to Wonho’s departure in October. The mini-album has gone on to become the group’s highest-charting album on UK iTunes, peaking at no.7.
Check out the mini-album’s title track, “FANTASIA”, below.


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