Stray Kids has returned with “GO LIVE”, and they’re already breaking personal records!
The group’s latest album debuted at no.5 on the UK iTunes chart. It later peaked in fourth place. This is an amazing feat for the eight-membered group, whose previous record was with “I Am YOU” (no.10) in October 2018.
The album also took the top spot in 23 countries worldwide, eight of which are European. This includes Finland, France, the Netherlands, Russia, Norway, Italy, Turkey and Ukraine.
Furthermore, the album’s title track, “God’s Menu”, entered the iTunes Top 100 across Europe. In the UK, the song peaked at no.69. As of 23:00 BST, the songs sits at no.73.

“GO LIVE” is Stray Kids’ first full album since their debut in 2018. The album consists of 14 songs, including the title track “God’s Menu”. Watch its MV below!

Congratulations to Stray Kids on their new UK feat!

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