SEVENTEEN and LOONA made waves in Europe with their new releases!

SEVENTEEN’s latest album “; [SEMICOLON]” topped iTunes charts in 13 regions worldwide, including Russia. The group also scored a top 10 entry in other European countries, such as Denmark, Spain and Turkey. In the UK, the group grabbed their third top 10 entry at no.5, matching previous releases “YOU MADE MY DAY” and “Heng:garæ”.

Check out SEVENTEEN’s latest title song, “HOME;RUN” below!

As for LOONA, their latest album “[12:00]” became their second release to take the top spot on the UK iTunes Chart, following “#” in February. The group also charted impressively in several other European countries, including Spain, Turkey, Finland, Norway, Sweden and more.

Check out LOONA’s latest title track, “WHY NOT?”, below!

Congrats to both SEVENTEEN and LOONA on their growing popularity!


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