MONSTA X is gearing up for a November return, and they’ve got an impressive credits list!

On 20th October, MONSTA X released their tracklist for their upcoming album, “Fatal Love”. As well as working with Eric Nam and Jooyoung, familiar names appear on the credits list.

The first song, “Love Killa”, is produced by Willie Weeks. The UK-based producer has become a Starship Entertainment powerhouse in the last year, producing MONSTA X’s “Follow”, “Fantasia” and “It Ain’t Over”, as well as CRAVITY’s “Top of the Chain”, “Break All the Rules” and “Hot Air Balloon”. He also worked on Taeyeon’s Japanese single, “#GirlsSpkOut”.

Swedish producers Albin Nordqvist and Andreas Öberg worked on the album’s second song, “Gasoline”, a song previously teased in Shownu’s Fantasia trailer in April. The Swedish duo has worked with several Kpop artists, including The Boyz, NCT, GOT7 and more.

As well as this, LDN Noise worked on the group’s ninth song, “Last Carnival”. The duo is a Kpop powerhouse, having worked on SuperM’s debut song, “Jopping”, as one example.

MONSTA X are due to make their return on 2nd November 2020 with their fourth full album, “Fatal Love”. As part of their release schedule, the group has released a “Fantasia X” film to get fans anticipating. Check it out below!

Are you excited for MONSTA X’s comeback?


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