aespa made an anticipated debut, and they’ve gotten the entire world’s attention!

On Tuesday 17th November, aespa released their debut single, “Black Mamba”. The song is a fast-paced and insanely addictive track, featuring powerful vocals and a booming bassline.

After its release, the song debuted in at no.46 in the UK iTunes Singles Chart. This charting later reached a peak of no.37.

The song still sits in the UK Top 100 at no.56.

As well as this, aespa made an impressive debut in other European countries. “Black Mamba” charted at no.22 in France, no.37 in Spain, no.2 in Sweden and more.

aespa is a four-membered group under SM Entertainment, consisting of Karina, NingNing, Giselle and Winter. Stylised in lower case as æspa, the group’s name is a combination of the words “avatar”, “experience” and “aspect”. SM says the group would explore the theme of “experiencing a new world via the encounter of the ‘avatar’, which is your ‘other self’.

Check out the MV for “Black Mamba”, which became YouTube’s second top trending video in the UK, below!


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