London dance studio ‘The Place’ are hosting their online ‘ Festival of Korean Dance’. It will be available from 7:30pm on Wednesday 2nd December.
The Place have teamed up with the Korean Cultural Centre to present an online festival, with a range of activities to delight any Kpop fan and dance lover.
What’s more, it’s all free of charge.
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One highlight is a documentary showing from Arirang TV on Kpop choreographer Yoonjung Bae. This renowned artist has worked with girl groups T-ara, Brown Eyed Girls and Kara as well as mentoring on idol competition show Produce.
The festival is also star-studded, featuring participation from upcoming girl group LunarSolar. They made waves with their September debut track ‘Oh Ya Ya Ya’.
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Artistically inclined fans even have an opportunity to participate. Young people will be able to send in a dance film which will be made into a Kpop video!
To find out about dozens more amazing activities, check out
Check out their teaser video below!

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