CRAVITY is back with their latest mini-album, “Season 3. Hideout: Be our Voice”!

For this exciting comeback, CRAVITY has worked with a range of composers from all around the world, including Europe.

Title track “My Turn” was produced by hit-maker Ryan Jeon with Swedish singer Cameron Jai, US-based composer Harold Phillppon and Danish producer Keelah Jacobsen joining to compose the song.

The number of European producers on this album extends, with the fourth track, “Bad Habits”, being produced by Swedish producers Dennis DeKo Kordnejad, Hanif Hitmanic Sabzeravri and Johan Ahlmark.

Another Swedish producer working on the album includes Albin Nordqvist who worked on the fifth track “Moonlight”. Nordqvist has previously worked with several Kpop artists, including MONSTA X, The Boyz, NCT and more.

As well as this, a number of UK-based producers also worked on the EP. Scott Stoddart worked on third track “Mammoth”, and London-based producer Kyler Niko joined songwriter and record producer Tim Hawes on the sixth track, “Dangerous”.

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Led by title track “My Turn”, CRAVITY has dropped their new album on 19th January. This includes several b-side tracks, including “Call My Name”, “Mammoth”, “Bad Habits”, “Moonlight”, “Dangerous” and “Give Me Your Love”.

After successfully participating in their previous album, CRAVITY members Serim and Allen contributed to rap-making for “Call My Name”, “Mammoth” and “Moonlight” whilst Wonjin and Allen took part in writing the lyrics for “Give me your love”.

Notably, WJSN’s Exy who has previously shown us her impressive lyrical capabilities has also participated in writing the lyrics for “My Turn” and “Bad Habits”.

Check out CRAVITY’s “My Turn” MV below!

What’s your favourite track off the album?


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