Kpop sensation MOMOLAND have collaborated with German producer CHROMANCE for a new version of the hit single “Wrap Me In Plastic”!

The lowfi EDM song is different to MOMOLAND’s usual style, but the girl group rise to this new challenge with grace. The MV is futuristic and brightly coloured, with a classic Kpop twist.

Image result for momoland wrap me in plastic

The song is reminiscent of Aqua’s iconic track “Barbie Girl”, and who better to sing that than MOMOLAND?

Wrap me in plastic and make me shine, we can make a dollhouse, follow your design

Check out the MV. CHROMANCE even features alongside the girls, in his signature silver mask.

CHROMANCE, also known as Marcus Layton, is a hugely successful music producer based in Berlin, Germany. Check out his discography here.


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