Luke Waltham, a writer, blogger and activist wished J-Hope happy birthday on their Twitter, @lukewaltham.

Waltham has graced their 200,000+ Twitter followers with over a dozen posts celebrating J-Hope’s birthday. One reads, “Thank you for being a beacon of light…and…always lighting up our spirits! Grateful for you sharing your talents with the world!”
The activist and writer has been a dedicated ARMY since 2017. After watching BTS’s ‘Blood Sweat and Tears’ MV, they were inspired to learn more. They have expressed their admiration for BTS “giving back to a society that desperately needs it”, through their campaigns such as #EndViolence.
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They described BTS’s fanbase as a “supporting, loving, and beautiful…family”. They regularly post about the boy group on their blog, describing themselves as “proud to be a fanboy”. In their opinion, BTS’s message is that “we should know ourselves in order to love ourselves”. As an LGBT+ activist, this message rings especially true.
The 22-year-old law student has had a short but remarkably fruitful career. They have worked with the United Nations, worked in campaigns like #MenAreTrash, and is most recently working in their South African university, SRC’s Mental Health Task Team.
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Describing their BTS journey, Waltham wrote, “My love and appreciation for them continues to grow every single day”. It’s a sentiment ARMYs around the world can identify with.
Happy Birthday J-Hope!
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