Choice were ecstatic on A.C.E’s appearance on BBC Essex!

BBC Essex posted the news on 3rd March, where Rob Jelly will interview A.C.E’s Byeongkwan live from South Korea with Jeff Benjamin and Natasha Mulenga.

Natasha Mulenga BBC Essex’s official K-Pop podcaster, where she talks about and interviews various K-Pop experts, stars, and enthusiasts.

Jeff Benjamin is an American long-time K-pop columnist for Billboard, host for KBS’s We K-Pop Friends, and Editor for Tidal.

The podcast was about 3 hours long where they talked about K-Pop and how Natasha delved into the K-Pop world by listening to BTS. Jeff on the other hand talked about his experience which started in 2009, by following the girl group After School.

Byeongkwan talked about his journey with K-Pop where he was inspired by Rain’s Rainism and started dancing because of him.

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The discussion on old-school K-Pop started how K-Pop had been existing for so long containing artists like Rain, Big Bang, 2 PM, and so on, and how K-Pop is still a new phenomenon for the rest of the world especially in the UK and Europe.

Byeongkwan also talked about how in Korea people listen to western songs as well as Korean ones, where Rob raised a point where the rest of the world is behind and they recently discovered K-Pop.

Further, he spoke about how A.C.E is trying to show new things to his fans by creating different versions of dance practices, music videos, and more, where they are putting in so much effort for their fans.

When asked by Rob on who he would like to collaborate with, Byeongkwan replied how A.C.E would like to collaborate with various artists like Lewis Capaldi, Harry Styles, Dua Lipa and even shared how they have lined up various projects with other artists as well.

The tracklist throughout the podcast contained various Korean songs in honour of A.C.E, and especially their tracks like CACTUS, Fav Boyz, and Savage.

Here is a little snippet of Rob Jelly playing A.C.E’s songs.

Listen to the whole podcast on BBC Sounds for the exclusive updates on A.C.E.


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