Chung Ha has released a music video for her track “Demente”, which was released as part of her latest album Querencia. The track, which was made in collaboration with Puerto Rican singer Guaynaa, is almost entirely in Spanish.

In an interview with Billboard, Chung Ha spoke about her admiration for Spanish culture and how she has been learning Spanish for the past six months in order to perfect her pronunciation. It is clear that she has done an amazing job, and this track is a great success.

Crossover is not a new trend in Kpop, but Chung Ha is determined to take the genre to new levels.

“I think it’s amazing that a Kpop artist takes to heart the assignment of learning a language, and her interpretation is very good,” says Guaynaa’s manager, Andy Martinez. “She’ll be able to reach new markets.”

Check out the full music video for the track here.


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