In a week full of big releases and collaborations, the spirit of Spring is returning just as restrictions begin to ease. Although it may still be Zoom gatherings and backdoor family “parties” for the time being, there is still a long list of comebacks and debuts to get us ready for the new season ahead.

Here are some of the UKP Team’s favourites of the last seven days and a brief look into next week’s big releases.

This Week’s Top Picks

In a collaboration with PUBG Mobile; Swedish DJ and producer, Alesso released a brand new single; Going Dumb to celebrate the game’s third anniversary. Two versions have been released featuring Chinese artist, CORSAK but the latest edition of the track includes the members of Stray Kids, performing in both English and Korean.

Following in the footsteps of MAMAMOO, VROMANCE, ONEUS & ONEWE; the latest girl group in RBW, PURPLE KISS has been catching the attention from domestic and international fans alike for their impressive debut, Ponzona.

Next Week’s Ones to Watch

Cheshire are counting down the days this week as Sorn announced her solo debut that is due to drop next week. Although members such as Yeeun have released songs through variety and survival shows, Run will be the first official solo song to come from CLC since their debut in 2015.

Check out the full list of this week’s releases below:

14th April Kim Na Young After The Winter Comes The Spring After The Winter Comes The Spring
Kim Yoon Hee (K-Pop Star 6) Shimmer (with Jaejoo Boys) Shimmer (with Jaejoo Boys)
yourbeagle (School Rapper Kim Mijung) No Lie No Lie
Changbin, Felix (Stray Kids) Cause I Like You SKZ-RECORD: Cause I Like You
Car, the garden Empty Beyond Evil
CHEEZE Never Loved This Way Before Girls’ World (webtoon)
Eunjung (T-ara) & Basick Coincidence Recipe For Youth
Lee Hi Dear You Romance 101 (webtoon)
Solar (MAMAMOO) Adrenaline Vincenzo
15th April Taeyong (NCT) Dark Clouds Dark Clouds
Hwang In Sun (Produce 101) BEOTIGOGAE BEOTIGOGAE
Kim Jeong_uk (ex-24K) away from home / lean on me l o v e
Lee Si Eun (K-Pop Star 5) Spring again Spring again
16th April Ciipher I Like You I Like You
DIAWINGS The way to go / Wish gone wish go The way to go
DRIPPIN Young Blood A Better Tomorrow
GIFT (JTBC SuperBand) You are to me You are to me
Jeong Yu Jin / Mail (ex-The Ark) Break Up Break Up *DAZZLE THE GLOW : ILLUSION
Super Junior House Party The Renaissance
Various Artists (incl. Raon Lee & Crying Nut, Jinjalim & Yukika) Change Up (Project Album)
Song In-ho Feel Me Now Deok Gu is Back (Drama Stage 2021)
RilliRilli You Are My Destiny River Where The Moon Rises
17th April THE BOYZ Breaking Dawn Breaking Dawn
Chungha, Guaynaa Demente (Spanish Ver.) Demente (Spanish Ver.)
DinDin Can’t fall in love again Can’t fall in love again
Jessi What Type of X What Type of X
Weeekly After School We play
Horim Too Late Mouse
Park Won You’re My Light (Lacrimosa) Sisyphus: The Myth
18th April OuiOui Why? Why?
Seori Lovers in the night Lovers in the night
WH3N I’m Not Me Without You I’m Not Me Without You
Hen, RUNY Sweetest Lie Attention Seeker (Drama Stage 2021)
Roh Ji-hoon The Day Miss Monte Cristo
Im Chang-jung This Is What I Am The Penthouse 2
19th April Alesso, CORSAK, Stray Kids Going Dumb Going Dumb
Afgan M.I.A (feat. Jackson Wang (GOT7)) M.I.A (feat. Jackson Wang (GOT7))
B.I (ex-iKON) Midnight Blue Midnight Blue (LOVE STREAMING)
Ellie (ex-WeGirls) NEW GOOD MIND (feat. Olltii, Marvel.J & Oscar $mith) NEW GOOD MIND (feat. Olltii, Marvel.J & Oscar $mith)
Lee Seung Chul We Were (Prod. by Lee Chanhyuk of AKMU) We Were (Prod. by Lee Chanhyuk of AKMU) (JTBC SuperBand) Farewell Farewell
20th April YB When My Loneliness Calls You (orig. Jang Pill Soon) [Vol.89] You Hee yul’s Sketchbook : 57th Voice ‘YB’
ITZY Trust Me (MIDZY) Trust Me (MIDZY)

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