[Song Review] Fresh, free and fun – Balming tiger are back with a new double single

Balming Tiger are a collective that leave a lasting impact with every release. Their newest double single is no exception. Released February 18th, the tracks offer up a fresh new sound, both with their own individual flavour, and perfectly blending together the talents of each of the members; Omega Sapien, sogumm, wnjn, Mudd the Student, Unsinkable and San Yawn.

The lead track – titled ‘JUST FUN!’ – is a shift in pace for the artists, taking on a slower tempo and pairing it with heavy bass, to create a fresh funk sound. Just like its title, the song gives off a fun vibe, perfectly matching the tone of the lyrics, which encourage the listener to just enjoy the music and have a good time. Sogumm and wnjn’s vocals blend perfectly with the bold rap style of Omega Sapien to produce another striking and addictive song, that is unmistakably Balming Tiger.

The music video follows a similar vein- a quirky, fun video filled with interesting shots and distinctive scenes of the members. Directed by Nuri Jeong, the video truly holds the essence of the song, creating an unforgettable music video – encapturing the meaning of the song perfectly. Every detail combines smoothly to create a fresh, distinctive song with a message we all need right now – take it easy and have fun.

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Continuing to be a group that delivers a surprising and versatile discography, ‘JUST FUN!’ is paired with ‘LOOP?’ as a double release.

‘LOOP?’ completely contrasts the previous track, boasting a heavy hip hop beat. This track features Omega sapien, sogumm and Mudd the Student, each showing off their unique talent to create a darker vibe. Sogumm’s soft vocals add another dimension to the song, showing off her unique colour and using it to perfectly blend with those of both Mudd and Omega. All three use their personalities to bring a dark track, yet one so distinctively stylistic of Balming Tiger.

The versatility and addictive nature of Balming Tiger shines through on their double singles, the perfect addition to any playlist, providing music for any mood. Balming Tiger are a collective who continue to push the boundaries of music and art, combining their talents and styles to create bold music that will stick in your head and playlist for months to come.




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