YG Entertainment has announced global auditions for a new boy group!

On 12th April, the entertainment company announced they were accepting applications for a new boy group. “2021 YG New Boy Group at Home” gives aspiring male singers from all over the world the chance to apply for YG’s new group, so long as they fit the following criteria: born between 2002 and 2010, and not currently affiliated with another agency.

The application period is from 12th April to 23rd May 2021. Following this, the video audition period is from 19th April to 30th May 2021.

To apply, applicants must first fill out a brief form to choose their audition date and language choice (Korean, English, Japanese or Chinese). Auditions will be held via Zoom, with results announced on 12th June 2021. Only those who have passed the final round will receive a notification informing them of the chance to debut in YG’s new boy group.

Find out more information on YG Entertainment’s Facebook page.

Will you be applying for the chance to debut in YG’s new boy group?


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