Everyone is loving aespa’s latest release!

On 17th May, aespa returned with the hip-hop dance song, “Next Level”.  The MV for the song entered YouTube’s trending page across Europe, including top ten entries in France, Germany and Austria.

In the UK, the MV peaked at no.4.

As well as this, aespa left an impression on iTunes charts in Europe, including Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, Greece, Spain and more. In the UK, the song peaked at no.53 as of 23:00 BST.

“Next Level” is aespa’s take on the original soundtrack ‘Next Level’ from the movie Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw. The song features a signature bass riff and rap that highlights their powerful voice and dynamic song arrangement, as well as lyrics that tell a worldview story of aespa and their personal avatar counterparts, ‘ae’, going on an adventure to ‘KWANGYA’ to find ‘Black Mamba’, who is disturbing aespa and ae’s SYNK, driving the world into chaos.

Check out the MV for “Next Level” below!

What do you think of aespa’s new release?


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