It sounds like in most everyday conversations, you might hear the words ‘Squid Game‘ pop up.

The critically acclaimed K-drama was released to the public on September 17 2021. It took just over a week for the world to turn its attention to it.

The popular TV show took the top spot in the UK from September 26th 2021, though it doesn’t look like its streak will be slowing down anytime soon as their #1 position is still going strong.

The plot surrounding the 9 episodes show is all about a survival game. There are around 456 players, each crushed by personal debts, that are required to take part in a collection of children’s games. However, if the player loses in any particular game, that’s the end of the road for them. So there’s definitely high-stakes involved, with the cash prize being 45.6 billion won, you really do have to be in it to win it.

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If there’s anyone reading that was not previously aware of this show’s existence, for those who still remain unsure whether to give it a watch, you can give the trailer a go.


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