There had been rumours circulating around Adele and a potenial appearance on a MBC music show.

The Tottenham born singer, a renowned household name and one of the world’s best-selling music artists, having sold over 120 million records throughout her career being linked to a K-Pop music show might not be something you would have expected to see.

Adele released her single ‘Easy on Me‘ on October 15th and is due to release her long-awaited album ‘30‘ on Friday November 19th.

However, it had been dismissed by a MBC representative to say that she will not be making a feature on ‘Show! Music Core‘. Though, they had confirmed that there is plans for Adele to have the opportunity to greet her fans in South Korea though MBC sometime in November.

A schedule for the British artist is still under discussion but will be released soon as the month is nearly coming to an end. So make sure to stay tuned for future updates!


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