Fan of BTS, EXO, or NCT? Maybe you might have heard of this idol, featuring and writing for amazing artists. It’s easy to think that NIve is an amazing producer. However, what arguably is more impressive is the ability and the slow rise of this artist over the past couple of years.

Breaking on the scene through the talent show Superstar K 6 in 2014, NIve would place in the top 9 of the competition which would be won by artist Kwak Jin-eon. NIve would then go on to debut in 2018 featuring American singer-songwriter JMSN with Getaway as well as releasing the single “From: Me” also in the same year. Later going on to write for many top artists such as EXO’s Chen before releasing his hit 2019 singles “who I am” and “tired.”

One of the things that makes NIve different is his relatability, describing his song Who I am NIve states:

“‘Who I Am’ is an opportunity to stop, feel good about yourself and your imperfections, and reflect on how life is both uncontrollable and unpredictable, but in the end, it’s all a part of truly helping you understand who you are.”

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NIve has also been known to openly talk a lot about mental health both in songs and through platforms such as Instagram where he can be found when releasing albums to give further insights and honest conversations with fans about his songs and meanings. This is clear in his latest album release “ProLOG?” Where the main song “What is life?” is the perfect song for when you are down and where the song is from the perspective of a son telling his parents that he is struggling but that he will get through it in time.

Overall, if you are new to K-pop or looking for an introduction to K-R&B then NIve is a perfect starting point with his soft voice and great lyricism. The mixture of both English and Korean means there is something for even newer K-pop fans.




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