For this drama review, we’re looking at the web-drama ‘We Broke Up’ which is an adaptation of the webtoon of the same name, this drama features YG Entertainment artists – Park Sandara from 2ne1 and Kang Seungyoon from Winner. It consists of 10 episodes in total with an epilogue.

Start date & Finish date: 29th June 2015 – 17th July 2015.

Summary: From the title alone, you can already have a gist of the plot line. ‘We Broke Up’ is about a couple who break up, however due to unforeseen circumstances are forced to live together. Sandara Park plays No Woori, a enthusiastic and ambitious girl who struggles to find a job while Kang Seungyoon plays Ji Wonyoung, a singer from an unsigned indie band. Through the ten episodes, there are a number of flashbacks that go through the background story shared between Woori and Wonyoung, the theme of this drama touches on the struggles and pain of going through a severed relationship.


General points:

      • Other than the question – ‘why hasn’t Dara been given acting opportunities before?’ that usually pops to my mind, the first episode welcomes you into the usual tale of how two individuals fall for one another. Though, the title of this web-drama is evidently a massive give away to what you should expect to happen. Despite the real age gap between the two, I quite liked these two characters together – they share chemistry between each other, the scenes after their breakup of their constant bickering is quite funny to watch.
      • Relatively short episodes, which can be good for those who tire of excessively long winded episodes, however it does leave me wanting more content to watch. I’ve commented before on previous drama reviews on dramas inserting unnecessary filter episodes (or just general parts into the episodes), while I’m content with the episode number on this drama, I have to admit I wish there were more episodes to watch. There’s just no middle ground! On a side note, most international fans of Korean dramas may struggle to find good quality videos with subtitles, the
      • Acting – fits in with the exaggerated Korean style, it’s been a long time coming for 2ne1’s Dara, who since debuting in the girl group, has finally been given a chance to utilize her underused acting talents she had left behind during her time in the Philippines. She’s very endearing to watch, if somewhat inducing second-hand embarrassment from her weird antics. Although Seunyoon’s made appearances in past dramas, this is the first one he’s starred in a main role, he definitely shows potential as an actor. It’s good to see YG artists (older as well as the newer generation) being able to branch out into different projects they want to get involved in.
      • It’s likable, it could be considered realistic. The main focus in dramas is bringing two characters together, though not all relationships end with a happy ever after. That’s just how life works. There are going to be ups and downs with relationships, the joys walking side by side with the hardships. Sometimes, people just aren’t meant to be, they can fall out of love just as quickly as they fall in love. It’s an inevitable part of life that people change, not staying the same forever.
      • Unless you’re a fan of YG songs, you’ll probably get tired of hearing the somewhat shameless promoting in nearly every episode – (but hey, it is a YG production drama. Just like with the SM dramas, you’ll expect their respective artists’ tracks to make numerous appearances here and there).
      • The side pairings were relatively good, especially between Woori and Hyunwoo. It was evident that the main woman’s love interest in dramas (regardless of how nice he may be) never wins. In addition, the side characters contributed to the comic antics in the drama, making the plot more light heartened.
      • It’s kind of like a backward story – in the sense where average dramas spend a couple of episodes building up the romance between the main characters, but as a watcher, you’re suddenly thrown at the end of the character’s relationship, only seeing snapshots in the happy times the couple spent.
      • Unless you’ve already seen this drama, this may be a spoiler, the ending on episode 10 suggests an open ending. I had to watch this scene a few times before I noticed the difference myself, I’m talking about the part where Dara looks through the Polaroid camera onto the open sea (the top right hand corner of the camera is different when a voice calls out to her, as the focus zooms out it shows the Polaroid camera with the right hand corner changing to a heart. This could possibly either be a past or future scene.
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Highlights of this drama:

  • For those who are fans of Seungyoon, I’m sure you’re be appreciative of the fact that in episode 2 there’s a scene where he walks out half-naked to an evidently unimpressed Woori.
  • Dara’s brother Thunder made a brief cameo in episode 4 during the interview part in the drama, in which her other love interest makes a comment on how similar the two look.
  • Cringe-worthy yet still kind of endearing display of aegyo from Seungyoon in episode five.
  • Silent member of band talks in episode 9, there’s always one quiet person in a drama who either doesn’t speak or has very few lines, it was only now nearing the end that after a number of appearances in the drama, the character finally speaks leaving his band mates baffled that he can actually talk.
  • Brief moment of sign language being used between a bickering couple (though, it turned out to be a dream sequence, it was nice to seen some representation of people who have a hearing disability. This could be symbolic in which communication between a couple is very important, especially when there’s misinterpretation which can lead to frustration on both parts.

Any highlights you think have been left out? What were your opinions on the web-drama, let us know in the comments on any other dramas we should check out!



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