South Korea has been producing some of the finest T.V and film this year. When we look back at all the blockbusters that have been critically acclaimed across the globe, it really has been a great year for Korean directors, producers, actors and everyone in between! Take a look at our favourites this year!


Starring a crazed and disturbed step-in nanny, Malice was expected to be one of the hottest thrillers of the year and was a must on everyone’s watch list. Although it failed to make it as a critic’s choice, it was definitely one of the most entertaining films out of the industry this year. Malice follows Ga-in who is dangerously envious of her friend Eun-jung who appears to have the perfect life. Ga-in becomes a nanny for the family and begins to take on the character of Eun-jung to the point where she believes she truly is Eun-jung.

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Released 7th January, Chasing was an early contender this year! It’s a comedy, action mash-up following the long-time friendship of CEO Seung-joo and Detective Jung-taek. The two friends lose two valuable possessions in the hands of some high school students. With Seung-joo’s phone missing and Jung-taek’s gun absent, the two friends attempt to recover their items back from the students. It’s one of the best comedies to be released this year and the on-screen chemistry of the lead actors is highly entertaining!

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This truly is an ‘unforgettable’ film (ouch). The box office raked in a fortune during the release week and proved you can never underestimate EXO fans. D.O stars in this coming-of-age drama set in a community village on a rural island. Unforgettable takes you away from the bright lights of Seoul city life and into a close-knit community. It follows the story of a group of teenagers who are adjusting to growing up. A romance is sparked between two of the main characters and it will draw you so far into the plot, you’ll be emotionally drained.

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Train to Busan

Obviously Train to Busan had to make our list this year! This is a film that has stretched to every corner of the world and put South Korea on the map for those who didn’t realise its powerhouse potential. Train to Busan will probably be the first Korean film for a lot of people and this is really exciting as it’s introducing people to the Korean film industry! Zombies, action, horror… what more does a film need?! A virus breaks out affecting passengers on a train. Setting a zombie film on a train adds a claustrophobic notion and isolates itself from other zombie films of its kind. If you haven’t watched it yet, what are you waiting for!

What were your favourite films this year? Let us know!


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