Much like with the ‘UKP Songs of the Year’ article, we’re going to be listing our ‘Top 10 MV’s’ that were released within the course of 2016. There’s been a good number of interesting music videos this year, here’s what we chose for our list!

10. SHINee – 1of1

This group have never truly followed the trends from their past comebacks but instead follow their own creative paths which has continually made them stand out. For this concept, it’s a throwback to the music and style of the 90’s, a time of which we often cringe looking back at old pictures. However, SHINee have this certain quality of making concepts their own and somewhat make it work for them.

9. MOBB (Mino & Bobby) – Hit Me

With the debut of the hip-hop duo from YG, a sequence of a collective four singles were released. Though, it was ‘Hit Me’ which caught our attention with its fun, easy-going element in contrast to their other MV ‘Full House’ which oozed of the typical YG vibe. Within the first few seconds, we’re greeted by the pair trying to call their friends to go out with fruitless results until the boys resolve to get ready to go out anyway with the sentiment of the enjoying the night while its still young echoed through the lyrics.

8.  BASTARZ (Block B) – Selfish & Beautiful Girl

With the subunit ‘BASTARZ’, while they mostly remained loyal to their roots with Block B, this was a fresh music video that wasn’t expected. What really stood out was the smart idea that they using a parody of the popular game ‘Let’s Dance’ by incorporating the fun, interactive game into their MV. The female featured in this music video is a London based model, who disturbs her neighbour P.O as she plays the game. If a K-pop version of the popular game ever was released, it would no doubt be one heck of a workout!

7. Baek A-yeon – So So

This was also a very interesting MV from the JYP soloist, the plot was loosely based on a young girl who gave off the impression of not having experienced falling in love. The comical antics of the medical staff of this ‘heart’ hospital really adds to the overall appeal while the deadpan faced soloist remains unresponsive to their various attempts until the guest appearance from a dog eventually melts her heart with a mystery man at the very end.

6. BTS – Save Me

The rising boy group have been building up a reputation of creating intrinsic plots that keeps fans guessing, but they’re also well known for their impressive dance routines. For the music video for ‘Save Me’, there’s a direct focus on the latter rather than a plot with the bleak background looking to illustrate the desperate emotions behind the song. The production does well in highlighting the choreography, using the one-take method that had already been covered by other K-pop artists.

5. Sistar, Giorgio Moroder – One More Day

This was a collaboration with the renowned Italian singer-songwriter and producer Giorgio Moroder, this was definitely a daring MV to watch which contained the taboo subject of sexuality. It covers the tale of forbidden love between the two main females characters and the abusive boyfriend, who once presumably found out about the affair and did not bother to hide his violent and toxic behaviour eventually met his demise as the women killed him in self-defence as they walk away from the burning car with his body hidden inside.

4. BIGBANG – Last Dance

The popular YG group made their comeback this month to complete their ‘MADE’ ALBUM.  There were occasions when some of the members were surrounded by the background actors, oblivious to the inner turmoil being felt by each member as they went about their lives. Seungri’s part in the first half included a scene in a transport station to further illustrate the eventual parting.  Which gives more meaning to this particular sombre MV which tells of a heartbreaking farewell with T.O.P’s last scene at the end, with a forlorn expression etched on his face with the sounds of the cheers of their fans inserted into the background as the ending shows all of BIGBANG together.

3. AKMU – Re-Bye

Next up is the lovable duo, Akdong Musician! For anyone watching this MV, there may be a misconception that Suhyun, the one half of the duo, was playing the role of a Cinderella-esque character having to deal with a mean girl as she daydreamed of performing on the same stage. However, as the story rolled out, with a number of failed murder attempts of the main female character, Chanhyuk found the evidence to link back to the perpetrator. As it was finally revealed that the sibling’s roles were just disguises and turned out to be undercover detectives.

2. Red Velvet – Russian Roulette

The girl group from SM’s most recent music video release was a very interesting concept, putting their own dark twist to the lethal game of ‘Russian Roulette’. In the real-life game, there are a number of possibilities which decide the chances of whether you could die or live to go to attempt another round. The music video is bright and matched well with the song, while it was not as catchy as their song last year with ‘Dumb Dumb’.

1. B.A.P – Skydive

While their other comebacks this year have been fun tracks, they do pale in comparison to ‘Skydive’s MV. It’s almost like an spinoff from their past music video for ‘One-shot’ which entailed a similar gang concept. Though, it’s practically a short film with the MV being around the 10 minute mark. There’s a number of counts of cold-blooded killings, being a unfortunate core element of the lifestyle being portrayed. The plot is focused on the role of Daehyun, the unknown informative who leads him to doubt his fellow gang members over the murder of the girl shown in the pictures. However, there’s only tragedy in this story and no justice is gained with the culprit finally being revealed with the unstable Jongup as he pretended to play dead amongst the fight to the death match and walked away, being the only one to survive as he mercilessly killed off Daehyun.

What were your favourite MV’s this year?


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