Former 2NE1 maknae Minzy released her long-awaited solo album this week NINANO is the lead track on Minzy Work 01 Uno and you can find an English rap version of it on the album.

Minzy is now with MusicWorks, after her contract with YG Entertainment and 2NE1 ended last year. It was a huge move for Minzy, as her relationship with YG goes back over a decade. At that time, an 11-year-old Kong Minji was winning dance competitions around Seoul and Gwangju, and a video of her online caught the attention of YG’s CEO.

After four years of training, she debuted as the main dancer of 2NE1 in 2009.

The girl group had a huge string of successful hits worldwide, and Minzy built herself a solid reputation as one of the best dancers in Kpop. She’s been running her own YouTube channel, Minzy TV, to show off her choreo and dance skills for the last few years, and now she also has her own dance studio in Seoul.

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As well as promoting her solo release, she’s also one of the stars of the ongoing reality show Sister’s Slam Dunk 2. It’s the reality TV show that last year saw JYP producing a more mature girl group, Unnies. The other members (including a fangirling Somi from I.O.I) voted her as leader, and so she’s been able to show off her leadership skills along with her solid dance and vocal skills.

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