1. For this week’s SOTW, we’ll be looking at indie band Hyukoh who have recently released their first full length album ‘23‘! The HIGHGRND group’s album had also entered into the UK album charts on iTunes earlier on in the week, which you can read more about here. We’ll be looking at one of their title tracks ‘Leader Jacket’!

Looking first at the title name, the term ‘leather jacket’ could be used to refer to youth. Possibly a rebellion stage, being completely and utterly reckless and not thinking about the consequences of the actions made. It’s all spontaneous and carefree. The song itself is upbeat and fast paced. It’s pretty addictive one you give it a few listens, especially with the infectious chorus. The English parts really fit in well, they sounded natural. In contrast to the light heartened instrumental part of the song, the lyrics is a touch darker as it tries to conceal the inner turmoil by engaging in reckless activities, almost like it’s a race against time. By not over thinking, worrying over the smaller details, they just go for it. As life is an undetermined rollercoaster with many paths, some of which can be formed through the choices made.


Our take on the MV is that it matched well with the fast pace of the song, catching a snapshot of how quickly the time of youth flies by. The cinematography differed greatly with the flashy, high quality music videos of other artists. But that may have been the point, with the grainy video, almost like a home video it captured the antics of the teenagers. It all seemed like fragments of the scenes filmed were chopped, seemingly not creating a particular plot but instead focused more on the implusive nature of youth.


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