Miso an underground Korean-English producer and singer.She is a part of the iconic Korean R&B crew, Club Eskimo, alongside R&B artists Dean and Crush and various other DJs, producers, and musicians.

Raised in England during her early years, but currently based in South Korea, Miso performs in English.

Her vocals have been praised as similar to R&B songstress Kehlani. She has been in collaboration with various artists:

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In 2017, she joined DEAN, 2xxx and SAAY in London.

Despite an array of collaborations, Miso remains a mysterious figure in the industry.

Miso’s simplistic vocal in collaboration Crush produces a whimsical melody with a mellow groove in ‘Castaway’:

You can keep up to date with Miso through her Instagram.

And you can listen to more of Miso’s music on her Soundcloud.


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