After a quick search on The Independent’s website it was discovered that they’ve not only written about HyunA. A full list of the articles is below the cut.

Twitter index: K-pop star investigated by police after a car crash

Current Twitter trends: Music Monday and Kpop

Current Twitter trends: Hard rock and Kpop

Current Twitter trends: Follow Friday, Earth Hour 2010

Current Twitter trends: Throw back shows, Allkpop, Paranormal Activity

Foreign fashion invasion raises hemlines in Myanmar

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Preview: Break Out! Peacock Theatre, London


It seems Kpop owns Twitter quite frequently! Also, it’s kind of bitter sweet that the news of Daesung even reached the UK news. It’s a shame we didn’t get #WeSupportDaesung trending (Did we?), so there would be an article on that too. Plus, I’m surprised that they didn’t report on the SHINee mob in London! At least we’re getting noticed though, right?



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