South Korean pop singer HYUNA is top of YouTube’s “most watched today” chart after the video for the latest single was viewed over a million times in two days.

The video “Bubble Pop!” is from the South Korean singer HYUNA, member of the group 4minute, and is for the title track of her EP released on July 5.

The video features a scantily clad HYUNA dancing in a number of locations and singing entirely in Korean, with the exception of the English lyric “bubble pop,” which forms the chorus.

As of July 6, the video had been viewed more than one million times. Data from YouTube shows it is most popular with women aged 13-24 and men aged 18-24 living in North America, Brazil, Northern Europe and Australia.

The video is available to watch in full at:

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The news is starting to take notice of the Hallyu wave!


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