Although the poll didn’t last long, it was clear who was going to win; Super Junior. So here’s the first edition of ‘UK Kpop Reviews’. Check it out below the cut!


Well, we all know what any non-Kpop fan from the UK would think of Super Junior’s latest concept photos. Despite the fact that many girls would approve of Siwons abs, I don’t think they’d appreciate his neon boxers. Their concept within the video however, is much more muted and would be more ‘acceptable’ to the general public here in the UK. However, the bright colours themselves are actually on trend within the UK currently, as displayed by JLS, except toned down a bit.

Although we as Kpop fans don’t particularly care about how ridiculous the teaser photos looked, the perception of those unaware of Kpop is much different. If Super Junior had stuck to suits and coloured shirts or ties for this – like in their live perfs – it would have been better (probably to the Koreans too). If we can’t deny how awful those outfits are, imagine what non Kpop fans would think. To put it simply (no pun intended), the concept wouldn’t go down well in the UK at all if it were debuted here.

Score – 2/5


Generally in UK bands there is no choreography, or very little of it, so it’s a new thing to have for UK fans. Although JLS (Yes again, I’m not even a fan, but they make great reference!) have started to have choreography, reminscent of our very own Kpop bands. Being honest, bands like JLS are the ones that give me hope for Kpop in the UK. They’re like a westernised version of Kpop and they’re popular, so hope is not lost! The choreography for Mr Simple is well, simple. So it would be (and is) easy for fans to learn, which is a plus. But the hand flicking motion would probably be percieved as ‘too feminine’. Not that it matters to those who are already fans, but for those who aren’t, it’s a factor that puts people off; too ‘girly’ bands. Saying that, many people are fans of Justin Bieber, and he’s not exactly masculine, is he? Despite this, I think that it’s a dance like Sorry Sorry, one people will be doing every time they hear the song!

Score: 3.5/5


First, the English is terrible. No matter how much you love Super Junior, you can’t deny it. I can’t help but mentally berate Siwon for not fixing it; his English skills are far better than that! If you didn’t know the song and all you heard on the radio was ‘Because I naughty naughty. Hey! I’m Mr Simple.’ in a heavy Asian accent, the chances are you might laugh. If Super Junior were to debut in Europe/the UK they would definitely have to improve their English. The song would have to be in English too for any non Kpop fan to geniunely give it a chance. People seem to not want to listen to a song if they can’t understand it – although the feeling is more important, to me. The song itself is very catchy, if it was in English – good English – I could see it going viral. But as it stands now, in Korean, it wouldn’t be able to debut. Also, there needs to be more to the song, non Kpop fans seem to expect a lot from songs. Like, an extra verse, heavier bass, it needs to be more ‘club worthy’ to match up with it’s electronic sound.

Score: 3.5/5

Overall score: 8/15 – half way there! Generally, it’s not so much a UK marketable song, but if remixed and directed at a dance/clubbing audience, it would do quite well.

Sorry if I appear to be rambling, or too harsh, it’s quite hard to explain these things. These are only my views expressed the best I can! I’m not bashing Super Junior, I do love Mr Simple. It’s just the general public of the UK probably wouldn’t (the original, and in Korean anyway).

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