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After multiple sadly ignored attempts at getting Radio 1 to play Kpop, we turned our hope and attention towards Tay FM, thinking perhaps they would be a little happier to oblige our requests. Unfortunately, Tay FM only proved themselves to be as bad as the BBC as the removed all comments asking for Taeyang’s ‘Wedding Dress’ (Eng Ver) and blocked those who did. Then then removed comments of those who asked about the deletion of comments. At first we thought it might be because they considered it spam, but they started deleting comments after two requests. They’ve only shown themselves to appear racist, whether or not that is the case, they should have just said ‘We can’t play that song’ instead of their chosen course of action. In response to our thwarted attempts, we’ve created a petition, one which hopefully with enough signatures will change the minds of both Tay FM and Radio 1.

The petition is here. Please spread the link everywhere you can and get every UK Kpop fan you know to sign it! Please do not use multiple emails to sign it as we want a valid petition.

Thank you, and let’s get signing! For now, forget showing Korean agencies our love of Kpop, let’s show the UK!


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