This time we review the popular drama ‘Flower Boy Ramyun Shop’.

Yang Eun Bi [Lee Chung Ah] is a girl who has a dream of becoming a high school teacher, and to do so she becomes a student intern at Cha Sung High. Little did she realise that the school was owned by Cha Sung Corporation of whom Cha Chi Soo [Jung Il Woo] is the heir. A series of embarrassing events leads to Cha Chi Soo becoming a part-time worker at Yang Eun Bi’s father’s Ramyun Shop that was left behind to Choi Kang Hyuk [Lee Ki Woo].

Yang Eun Bi is desperate to find love after being cheated on by her ex-boyfriend and develops a way of rating men she encounters out of 100. Cha Chi Soo receives a perfect score, however that is only due to a misunderstanding of his age. When she realises that Cha Chi Soo is younger than her things start to change.

Working in the same ramyun shop as 4 “Flower Boys” – Cha Chi Soo, Choi Kang Hyuk and two others, a love triangle develops. Who would Eun Bi pick? The typical rich bad boy: Chi Soo or the Mr. Nice but unknown Kang Hyuk?

Good Points

– As a romantic comedy each of the episodes will not fail to make you laugh. The plot isn’t too sad and angsty, and those in search for a new and refreshing drama need look no further.
– The main actress is not considered to be extremely pretty and falls in love with a guy 6 years younger than her. This proves that love has no conditions and steers away from the typical stereotypes.
– Even the extended casts have their own little cute love story of which plays a role in making the drama more rounded. The balance of the main couple and the side couples allows for the extended casts to shine in their acting, however at the same time it does not make the audience steer away from the main couple and plot.

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Bad Points

– Some plots in the drama are very unrealistic and this makes it hard for the audience to relate to the drama. On the other hand, the comedic sides to these can easily be found and as the drama is a romantic comedy, so these unrealistic plots are forgiven.


Flower Boy Ramyun Shop is a great drama to watch, anyone watching it is sure to have an enjoyable experiencing as I did myself. Especially when you need a drama that isn’t too heavy hearted like a lot of other Korean dramas, this drama is definitely highly recommendable.




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