It seems Radio 1 Top DJ Scott Mills is the latest victim of the Gangnam Style bug today after interviewing PSY live on the Breakfast Show this morning. After playing it twice in a row yesterday (as it is now on the station’s B Playlist, it will get played during most shows), Mills invited PSY onto his show to discuss his success and the possibility of a UK number 1 for Gangnam Style, currently sitting at number 2 in the iTunes singles chart. After inviting Mills to become his British manager following his huge jump in the iTunes chart yesterday after the DJ announced the song as his “Big Thing” of the week, PSY promised to make a visit to the UK if he made it to the number 1 spot! Humble and modest as always, in response to discussion of his success, Psy said, “I feel embarrassed when you say I’m a Global superstar” and remarked that people still don’t recognise him without his trademark sunglasses.

Earlier in the show Scott also did an amusing segment where he got a well-spoken Radio 4 news presenter reading a translation of the Gangnam Style lyrics to a very serious backing track.

You heard the man! If we can help get Gangnam Style to the number 1 spot then the world’s current favourite K-pop star will make a visit to the UK! So get your mums, dads, friends, grannies and pets all buying the song and hopefully PSY can make his first ever official appearance in this country.

To listen to the full interview you can download the Scott Mills Daily podcast here (about 45 minutes in) or listen again on the Radio 1 website (at about the 1:10 mark).


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