As most of you will know, K-pop group CNBlue are due to perform their first concert in London at the IndigO2 tomorrow evening. They landed on British shores last night and were greeted by crowds of British K-pop fans at Heathrow Airport.

Information about CNBlue’s flight only started to spread on social-networking sites a few days ago, but around 400 or so fans managed to turn up to welcome the members.

It has been reported that the group were “stunned” at the amount of people who made their way to the airport and waited for them to show.

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Hopefully, the dedication shown by British fans will give the guys confidence for their upcoming performance. Perhaps it will also make CNBlue and other K-pop groups more aware of the existence of fanbases in the United Kingdom!

Excited for the concert?
How are you showing your love for CNBlue?

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