PSY, whose real name is Park Jae Sang, arrived in London earlier today after taking the Eurostar from Paris, following a Gangnam Style flashmob he took part in himself along side 20,000 fans. Despite the long coach journey, he arrived dressed as smartly as ever.

He announced he was really excited to be in the UK, and was happy to be greeted by so many people. He headed off for his speech at Oxford University shortly after arriving in London.

He was invited to speak at the prestigious university by none other than the Student Union’s president, John Seung Yoon Lee, who is the first South Korean and East Asian president the University has had. PSY is also the first South Korean to be invited to speak at the university.

As coincidence would have it, both the president and PSY are from Gangnam, where PSY’s hit song ‘Gangnam Style’ takes its name from.

We’ll update soon with details from the speech and photos from the event itself.


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