After his appearance at Oxford University yesterday, PSY made a stop at the Radio 1 HQ for a show with Scott Mills.

The interview starts around the 2:08:00 mark in the episode, which you can find in radio format here and video format here. (The video clip is cut.)

Scott Mills introduces PSY as the ‘greatest musician of all time’, who in turn refers to him as ‘they guy who made his song number 1’.

PSY, who describes himself as an ‘analogue person’, didn’t believe that he was truly famous in the UK until he actually arrived in London, only to be swarmed with fans and have his hotel upgraded for free.

During the interview he spoke about his experience at Oxford University and when he began noticing the rise of Gangnam Style.

The editor-in-chief from Guiness World Book of Records then made an appearance to present PSY with a certificate for the record of the ‘Most Liked YouTube Video of all time’ which had 4,909,154 likes at the time of presentation.

He then said it was touching for him to receive the certificate as he never received any certificates in college, and so it would be his first. There was then of course a round of Gangnam Style, and the inevitable teaching of the dance to the radio hosts before discussing PSY’s next steps.

PSY described Gangnam Style as being a “phenomenon” rather than a success, and was a result of people just choosing to click his video. He shared his worries that people might not choose to click his video next time, and Scott Mills jokingly suggested that PSY should team up with One Direction to create his next hit and he was dubbed as PSY’s ‘unofficial UK manager’.

The feature ended with PSY revealing that he had his next song nearly complete, but he doesn’t feel too  pressured to make it successful now as he believes that it wasn’t his success to have in the first place, now it’s just extras for his career.

PSY was also featured in the Metro newpaper today, article coming soon. You can also catch PSY on The Jonathan Ross Show on Saturday.


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